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<>> the government of yemen has requested a supply of drugs from the u.s. hoping it will help against al qaeda threats. the u.s. attorney for eastern virginia is leaving his post. his office has a history of going after notable figures like cia whistleblower [inaudible] and wikileaks. we will look at what his work means for some of the cases. how about a tax exempt status for atheist groups? there is a battle in the courts brewing over this issue. we will tell you more later in the show. hello, it's friday, august 23 in washington, d.c. we start our newscast in yemen where the countries leaders have requested drone technology in order to increase the country cost defend -- the country's defense against militants. weeks after american drone strikes hit the country nine times in a two-week period. the u.s. and other western countries closed a number of embassies as a result of and i qaeda threat -- as a result of an al qaeda threat. according to the associated press, the president said the u.s. jones had been carrying out attacks in yemen in accordance with an agreement to comb
. discover it yourself. lets go fly. join us at zaon flight systems. makers of the p-cast mrx and srx. fly safer zaon portable collision avoidance systems. be part of the most passionate community of aviation enthusiasts learn more at or find us on facebook at eaahq. when the unexpected happens the lifesaver provides one hour of emergency attitude reference giving you the time you need to land safely. in a missions darkest moment trust mid continent instruments. ♪ >> now, for the first time on tv, the stories and reports of the people who fly, and the aircraft they fly. and you are invited in an exciting, house-bumping, new television series designed for everyone who has ever gazed skywards and dreamt of slipping the bonds of earth: >> this week on the aviators, we take a look at the russian mig-15. we explore the legacy and influence of the cessna brand. we take a look float training in the winter on canada's west coast. we talk to legendary aerobatic pilot patty wagstaff. and we go inside a simulator to learn how to land an airliner. from the boundary bay
question. help me. so it used to be just speculation. well the universe is finite in time. oh i know it went on forever. and kant actually went so far as to make this philosophical argument that you could both prove that it was infinite in time and finite so just throw up your hands. ...but then you had this steady state which theoretically was infinite in time and the big bang which theoretically had a beginning. precisely, so then it took this form these two competing cosmologies and it was nice because we could have observational evidence that would tell us which of those was right and it turned out that the big bang cosmology was right and the steady state was incorrect. but now the steady state is kind of made a come back through, through the back door and we're now at this interesting place in cosmology where we can say that the universe is 13.7 billion years plus a number between zero and infinity. thank you very much for your help and, and the way that that worked is that we developed this big bang model that the universe at an early time was hot and dense and expanding and s
, and this is what's going to take your picture. >> the first test that i find most useful is the skeletal maturation, which is a film of the wrist to the tip of the fingers called a bone age x-ray. skeletal maturation will show an advancement over the chronological age in a kid who has a true rise of the hormones. >> and then the second thing typically involves blood tests, and here we're measuring hormone levels. and the most important one in terms of evaluating puberty is called lh, or latinizing hormone. this is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that stimulates the ovaries. then the last thing that the child undergoes would be a brain mri scan. and here we are looking specifically at the hypothalamus and the pituitary to make sure that there's no structural abnormality. >> mcfarland: joshua kellogg underwent a bone age x-ray that revealed his bones were in puberty. >> now, we're taking he's age 10 at this point. his bone growth was already showing that he was 15 years old. and that, you know, was the concern, was that his body was already five years head of his mind side. >> ready? >> i s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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